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Winter Projects


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How's everyone been staying busy this off season?


I bought a 175 Sea Nymph a couple weeks ago after seeing people catching browns in December and February and decided I needed a small boat for that sort of thing. Guy had it for $500 needed a floor, checked spark, compression and the hull for popped rivets or gashes. Had none so I bought it. I have the floor pulled out ready for the new stuff to go back in and bought marine vinyl at Jo-Ann Fabric to redo the interior besides the seats. Found downrigger bases on here and a planer mast and new boards on CL. Should be ready to go after this weekend. IMG_1490306659.860299.jpgIMG_1490306669.910218.jpgIMG_1490306681.556621.jpg IMG_1490306700.628028.jpg



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Nice project, great setup for early and late season fishing. Caught a nice king last year and wanted to get it mounted until I got prices! Did some research and it made a great winter project. Need to paint the black spots and clearcoat and I'll be finished.IMG_1490307224.091305.jpgIMG_1490307245.827455.jpgIMG_1490307270.131244.jpg

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