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Wanted Brewerton show, saw a 200 spoon tackle box

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Brewerton show, saw a 200 spoon tackle box

I was wondering if anyone has a 200 spoon box they would like to sell. My dumb ass uncle said there was another one at the show, I didn't see!! Someone bought the one I was after, while I was hym hawing around and scratching my ass should I shouldn't I it got sold. Since you guys turned me into a spoon buyingahaulic I definatly need this box now. Between spoons and sticks my collection has exploded, and it's getting harder to find hiding places till I take the cover off my boat!! :lol: PAP!!!

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24 minutes ago, steelydan said:

My special mate box needs an addition! If I can figure out how to make and sell addition kits for it I'll make a fortune. LOL

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The best ive come up with is to use a cheap cutting board from Wally World. Trace one of the existing dividers and then I cut the outside shape out with a band saw and use a table saw for all the grooves the hooks fit into. it works great and is waterproof too 


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