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Calls Needed TODAY to Assembly Speaker Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Flanagan


Please take the time to call Speaker Heastie's and Senate Majority Leader Flanagan's offices and respectfully request they adopt Part GGG of the Senate Budget proposal to bring Full Inclusion of Crossbows into the archery season for ALL Hunters Statewide, utilizing a Bow Privilege.


We are coming down to the last couple days of the negotiations process and we need EVERYONE to make the calls now.


Call Today and Every Day through Friday.


With the momentum created from 2000 letters of support for Full Inclusion in the last 8 weeks, we can not afford to let up now.


Lets continue to work together to get this done.


Speaker Heastie's Albany Office Phone Number 518-455-3791


Senate Majority Leader Flanagan's

Albany Office Phone Number



Not available to make your calls during office hours?

Call anytime and leave a message


I Just Called, Will You?



Do you have any questions or concerns about NYCC and our activities? Are you interested in helping us at any of the shows or events we attend? Please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or drop a note to

Rick McDermott

PO Box 316

Pulaski NY 13142

Tom Povhe

96 Beech St.

Gowanda, NY 14070

We look forward to hearing from you.



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I just called both offices. I have been in support of crossbows for a long time. I have made calls and sent letters in support for several years. NO logical reason to be against them. They are a game harvesting weapon that is NO different than bow, gun or muzzleloader. If choices exist, than hunters should have the right to exercise choice to use any and all legal weapons at their disposal in the quest for harvesting big game. Thanks Outback for the post and info.  Tank

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According to Senator Galavan's office, as of yesterday at 10:00 am, the crossbow legislation was still included in the budget proposal. This is further than it has gone before. The resistance to part GGG comes from Long Island and Catskill area bowhunters. That is a formidable group with a lot of money to overcome. We will all know soon.

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