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Otisco Stream trout?

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This is probably the wrong place to post this so mods feel free to move it...

But my son (young adult) is an avid fly fisherman. We are from pa but will be spending a lot of time around otisco lake this year. Are there any good trout streams close by? Stocked or wild. He is pretty much 100% catch and release.


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as fisherdude said, nine mile is right off the dam of Otisco. A little tough to find access close to the lake, but further down near Marcellus all the way  to Camillus there is plenty of great spots. The feeder to Otisco is Spafford Creek, it has browns. There is access to the last leg into the lake as the owner has a fishing allowed sign in the parking area. I haven't fished that area, so cannot offer any advice. Maybe some one here can. There is also Grout Brook the feeder on Skaneateles Lake, the next lake West of Otisco. The spring run is known for monster Bows, but it is tiny and more suited to small ultralight hook and worm rather than fly. The outlet of Skaneateles is Skaneateles Creek, there is, I believe a catch and release fly zone on that. Again someone can chime in on that.

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If you have access to a boat, there is a brown drake hatch in the summer ( late June, early July?) on Skaneateles that turns on the rainbow bite. Lots of people fly fish it from boats.

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