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Yankee Troller - Rochester - March 27/28

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Yankee Troller - Rochester - March 27/28

March 27th, Afternoon

Ran our first charter of the 2017 season today! Mother nature kept us off Lake Ontario all weekend, but she let us play today. It was as good as you'd expect with hungry fish and no competition. These guys from Maine decided to let everything go, so these all went back to fight another day.


Our set up was simple. Bay Rat Lures, in any color you wanted to throw out there, back 100' on the planer boards. We used the new S3 series on the inside board and the Short Shallow on the outside. We saw no difference in preference! Our Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers were good with spoons back 10', and we even grabbed a handful on our Cannon downriggers with spoons down 5' and back 45'.








March 28th, Morning

Well, these Maine boys realized just how spoiled they were yesterday. Conditions got real tough today, and we managed about 14 Brown Trout after a 2.5 hour fog delay. Most bites came off flat lines on our planer boards back 125-150'. One or two shots came off our Cannon downriggers and a couple on our Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers. No giant fish today, but we did get some healthy ones. However, most were next year's fish, which is always great to see.




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We have always respected you and your team's ability to put clients on fish - great trips(s) per usual.  I also find it very cool that your clients wanted to put those BTs back to fight another day.  Whether or not you had a hand in that, I love the conservative approach taken by your crew when available.  As we all know BTs get pounded on quite a bit - good to see 2+ year old fish going back into the system.


Hope to see you in St. Catharines,


Team Thrillseeker

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Absolutely beautiful looking fish, that's a good days worth of fishing!! I don't give a shyt what anyone else says they did!! Way to Rick!! Like always top notch post!!  There's a bunch of return guys for sure!!!

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