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Downrigger Weights

KJ Louise

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Simple question for most people about downrigger weights.


We have Cannon Mag 10 ts riggers and keep popping boards every year. I believe the motors and circuit boards aren't made to handle 14-16lbs weights.


Now do shark weights or fish shaped weight produce less drag in the water so I can run lighter weights?


We are currently using 14lbs Torpedo weights


Any info would be great


Thanks again




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There is supposed to be less blow back with shark or torpedo shaped weights but when you get down to 100+ ft depths they prefer 15#er''s or more.

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I run 13 and 15 lb torpedos on my cannons (mag 10HS and STX) with no problem. I also run 12-14 lb sharks without issues. Make sure you are using heavy gauge wiring for your power connection.



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My mag 10's only lift supposedly 10# but I used Harvey O'Harra's 12# torpedo's weights, with no problems but,I had 14# pound fish they would trip the breakers. So I would get a set of Harvey's 12 # torpedos. Much cheaper than the Sharks for a trial & error game. Since I moved to mag 20's so I run Harvey's 16 pound torpedo's no problems.

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Steve the Mag 10  recommended weight is listed at 10 lbs max. I don't think the problem is the board itself but rather the strain ofthe 14 lb weights on the motor that may be tripping the breaker. Cannon has upgraded the motors a few times since the Mag 10's and 10A's to heavier duty ones. The bottom line is probably that 14lbs is 14 lbs regardless of the weight or its travel through the water when the motor is at rest and the motors themselves weren't designed with that heavy a weight in mind. There is a very noticeable difference in torque when retrieving a 14 or 16 lb weight and it will be interesting to see what the life span of even these newer downriggers ends up as. My Mag 10A's are from 1985 era and still function as they should because I have never exceeded the max weights and I've taken care of them Hopefully these others will last folks as long:) I will say that the shark type weights that bikinibottom makes cut through the water much better than the ball type or the "herbie" fish weights. I haven't personally tried Harvey's torpedos but everyone I know that has them loves them too. Bout time is right about the wiring issue too if either the distance is long or the wiring is too thin gauge (should be or 8 or 10 gauge wire to the battery I believe) or you are using say less than a 30 Amp inline fuse or faulty fuse block connection it will trigger your breaker or toast an inline fuse.

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