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Running 2 dipsy divers on same side of boat

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On my port and starboard sides I have quad rod holders.... If I'm running double divers I utilize a 9ft rod for my deep diver, and a 10 1/2 ft rod for my shallow diver.
The deep diver ( 9fter ) goes out first.... I set the diver on a 1.5 setting and let it out slowly...once it gets out to a specific length ( look at your diver depth chart to get an approx estimate on depths per ft of line) put the rod in the closest holder to the stern on my quad holder set. I angle the rod holder so the rod tip is almost in the water.
The shallow diver is used with a 10.5 ft rod. I set the diver at 3 and I then set it out...very slowly.. The 3 setting should take the rig outside the boat pretty well. Once you have it where you want, I put the rod in the rod holder closest to the bow on my quad set up. I angle the rod holder so that the shallow diver rod is above the deep rod.
Its important to know that a wicked current will screw you up as will making sharp turns.
If you run them use caution running paddles/ spin docs ....the days I run double dives, I like to run spoons. I know guys like to run paddles and spoon set ups together and do well.... I seldom run double divers. I've had some crazy tangles, so I run more coppers or cores....

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Just remember when you reset the outside diver it "MUST" be under tension. I like to Set it in the water outside of the deep rod and barley back the drag off with the clicker on stick it in the holder and let it walk out. Like everyone else high/outside to the bow I use the same length rods on all And adjust my rod holders for a little tip seperation inside slightly back to the stern and tip at the water outside a bit more to the bow and one click up.

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This post is a bit dated - but I was also thinking of running a mag size 3 dipsy on the 1.5 setting, and a regular size 1 Dipsy on the outside, high rod setting 3.  Hopefully that makes it a little easier to avoid tangles too 


to compliment riggers with free sliders for a 6 rod, 8 lure spread.  

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How I do it is first set out the high (outside) braid diver. I use a regular size 1 dipsy set on 3.5, Let it play out thumbing the reel until it gets a good bite on the water then put it in the holder, open the bail, set the drag so it just leaks out slowly. After it is out a bit (100 ft or so) then I set the inside (low) wire mag diver. Since the high diver is now well away from the boat do the same thing setting the low diver out, same procedure. Watch both divers until they are where you want them, close the bail and set the drags properly


Pretty simple

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Outside diver (further from the boat) ... setting 3, less line out.

Inside diver (closer to the boat) ... setting 1, and possibly even use a larger diver (mag). more line out.


For example, inside might be 200 ft out, inside would be 150 ft out (higher in the water and further away).


Reason. When the outside gets a hit, it will rise, and move to the center of the boat. If it is below (lower in the water) than

the inside diver, it will cross into the inside wire, and tangle.  If it is higher, it will just go over the inside wire.

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