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I don't think the 29 would be considered a trailer boat.
Over the years, I have learned a lot from this site:

Thanks, it's not something I would trailer daily but I would probably take it from MI to NY in the spring, leave in a slip and bring back to MI in the late summer or fall.

I guess it's probably best I take it slow and fish Lake O in the ranger this year and if my days on the water are plentiful enough that I think I may want a 27 or 29 to go in a slip out there then start shopping. I'm kinda picky, so maybe it's best I look for an older 27 with good power train and redo the cabin to make it nicer, I dunno maybe more cost effective that way.

If that 29 was as good of a deal as it initially seemed I didn't want to pass it up without looking into it anyway

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Capt Carl has some good advice there. Those gas motors are not very good at shaking salt. I wouldn't go gas inboard on any salt water boat that old. Diesel maybe, but can't afford that, or find the fuel much. There's a lot of good cabin boats that are multiple outboard powered, and you will find those motors to be the most salt resistant of any.
You should stick to fresh water for an inboard. Not to mention the salt air can raise big trouble with electrical systems if not properly maintained.
The Hull Truth forum is good if you can get passed the squabbling on what boat is best, and the 100 posts to a thread way off topic on a specific subject....

Money doesn't buy happiness,
but it does buy horsepower....
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I am not sure where you get 20,000 to repower unless your dropping it off at a marina to do it all. Long blocks go from 3,000 stock to 6,000 for a 454 -395 hp top of the line unit. I could get a tow truck guy to pull them and drop them in for a few hundred bucks , Everything else is plug and play after making sure it is aligned. Gas engines will go 3,000+ hours all day long if maintained. 99% of salt engines are closed cooling and the only downfall is exhaust manifolds and maybe heat exchangers. No salt enters the engine block. Wiring is no big deal unless the boat was underwater. I would never be afraid to pull the trigger on a salt boat if the survey came out good and it looks like it was maintained. But to each his own.

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You will be oversized on either one of them,

That was kind of my thoughts, I've been told a tiara 27 is a great option if I'm doing some trailering but a 29 is too wide. But you need a permit for each and I don't believe you need a pilot car till 12 foot so I'm not seeing the difference between the two

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1 hour ago, KJ Louise said:

I love my 27' Eastern (downeast) there are days I wish it had hips but it's great to trailer to Lake O from NH. Meets all the Highway restrictions without permits. It's comfy, safe, practical, and an OUTBOARD!IMG_0352.JPG

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And......looks great OTW

012 (600x450).jpg

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