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Sold / Closed Yankee's Daiwa Heartland Sale - Updated 4/6/17 @ 11:13am

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Yankee's Daiwa Heartland Sale - 4/5/17

I will add rods as I'm switching over from the Heartlands to the Great Lakes series. 


Good or Brand new condition:


(1) 8' Medium Downrigger Rod - $25/rod


(2) 9'6" Medium Heavy Dipsey Diver Rod - $30 (used for copper so no Twilli tip)


(1) 10'6" Heavy Dipsey Diver Rod - $30 (used for mono slide divers so no Twilli tip)


(2) 9'6" Medium Heavy Dipsey Diver Rod - $35 w/ Twilli Tip


Damaged Rods:


(3) 8' Medium Downrigger Rod - $10/rod - Reel seat is loose


(1) 9'6" Medium Heavy Dipsey Diver Rod - $10 - Missing a ceramic insert in a guide


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