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Cannon mag 10 cable change

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I did mine a few years ago, it not that difficult. Replacing the cable should not affect the auto stop at all. After you unscrew the side plate the old cable is connected with spade terminals. I cant remember if the new cable came with spade ends or if I had to buy them and crimp them on. I think you have to drill out the hole in the housing a little bigger for the new cable to fit in. There is a bushing that comes with the cable that will secure the cable into this hole. When I installed mine I remember that new cable was still too thick to fit into this bushing so I just used a utility knife to carefully cut a small notch in the cable jacket to fit it in. When you put to the side cover on you dont want to use normal silicone, there is some chemical in it that does not play nice with the electronics. I am pretty sure I just used the GE Silicon 2 that is sold at Home Depot because this does not contain that particular chemical. 


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