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Couldn't take it a day longer n headed down south just to show up peak spawn.


Only fish I got to bite were the lil ones not taking part in the breeding. Did see a mid 40s casting and fish actually doing the dirty in the shallows . Got 4 dinks n a catfish. Had to get out and scratch that itch.


All fish came on a 8' flat running 6' of line and even though I didn't get the fish I wanted, feel way better now.20170413_090122.thumb.jpg.8f6835b88f4783d850d70c25e0949505.jpg20170413_130909.thumb.jpg.9272a2f4161a7c2bbf38464382f8f1df.jpg20170413_140705.thumb.jpg.7d275f431805cd8e8c09a9c04411d604.jpg20170414_100619.thumb.jpg.f57fc37c3d0134ca7150035ef7f4045e.jpg20170414_152304.thumb.jpg.a013c5c9f26b08a19a9f83895c400268.jpg20170414_152922.thumb.jpg.d9e5972396b504b35058e91042db1aea.jpg20170414_195153.thumb.jpg.a03c7535282eda22cf45cf51d57c7fc0.jpg


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