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Owasco 4.18.17

Howdy all,


My first real attempt at finding fish for the year.


I launched from the South Shore Marina ($8) at about 11 am. There was a slight, but chilly north breeze.


I motored out to the deep water and set up with riggers and a 3 color lead core pulling a couple different versions of Stinger scorpions.


To make a long story short, I putted around for about 3 hrs switching things up, speed, depth, lures etc.  I did one 18" laker on a chartreuse smithwick 45' down over deep water.


Most of the few fish I did mark were at 80'ish over 100+


I forgot to load the trolling bag, so I ended up using the 9.9 kicker, which worked very well. This week I'm thinking I'll probably leave it on the boat.


Water was about 41 when I started, hit almost 47 at 2pm. I saw one other boat trolling. Hopefully they did better than I. Still beats working !



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The water level at the south launch seemed to be adequate. I haven't been there in a few years, but I had no issues. The water was so muddy I couldnt see bottom. I think the ff was reading in the 2'+ range.

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