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Barney and Bear derby dates


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  • 4 weeks later...

tell ya what, you guys give me your biggest fish and i'll drive them down to Myers for weigh in:)


seriously though that would be cool, we fish a lot around Long Point and I hate having to leave early for the weigh in, seems like we always catch our biggest fish in that last half hour...


good luck to everyone.

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There is always a good number of people in Barney and Bear's derby. Its a good time, and a good chance to warm up and shake down the boat for the national lake trout derby, but you have to enter if you want to try for my money. (that may make it a very short drive or a very very long one).

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2 hours ago, suttontroller94 said:

Wish this derby wasn't same weekend as flta kueka tourney cuz the fishing has been great on Cayuga and would be nice to have a good weekend of fishing before NLTD

It's also hard to fish two all weekend events back to back and not have to sleep on the couch. LoL

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3 hours ago, Dbeamer said:

I tried to find info online just shows stuff from previous years

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this is going to be first time at this derby too . i just called and you can get sign up at the bait shop at myers park or at his home .you can get his address from the bait shop web page the numbers to call are top of this topic too 

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