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Cayuga South end feedback


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Good green color today and fishing was very good. 8 for 8 in 4 hours time. 5 browns 3 salmon.  Hardly any debris water temp about 48.  

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Fished Friday out of Myers from 10-2. Not much debris at all. We had 4 lines on planner boards with stick baits out the whole time and they stayed completely clear. The water is still very stained, and it was our worst outing in a while. 1 Laker and 1 release in all that time. Tons of marks and bait so they're there. We tried everywhere from 20 ft to 300 covering water column with many different spoons and speeds from 1.8 - 2.8 and no one was interested. Usually our program at that area nets us around a dozen fish. The one Laker came in 50ft of water when driver wasn't paying attention and bounced a ball that was down 65 off the bottom for thirty seconds. Brought the ball up ten feet and he released - thought it was snag at first.


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2 hours ago, Girocks said:

I had no idea they were that rare in this lake. It's my third season fishing the lake!!!

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That's really cool I've fished Cayuga for 20 some years and never seen one

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