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New GPS to old MFD

KJ Louise

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Has anyone had the pleasure of putting a new GPS Antenna to and older MFD


I just upgraded my old raymarine 120 gps to the new rs 150 it is connected to my C120 mfd.


The issue I have is my auto pilot and gps want to share the same seatalk port on the back of the mfd.


Now is there a way to redirect the gps to another port or to the smart pilot control module.


Any help is welcome.




KJ Louise





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If no one can help you here I would post your question in the Marine Electronics Forum at   www.thehulltruth.com     there very helpful with those types of issues, good luck !  Also Raymarine.com has a forum for there product, just takes a few days after you register and post to get a reply. The question is pre screened by them and answered by them.

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