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Big Jon (dual mount rod holder bracket)***GOT ONE*** thanks

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Looking to pick up (1) of these.........its the bracket without the ball cradle.

I purchased (2) captains pack riggers.....they came with one rod holder and the ball cradle bracket. I wanted (2) more rod holders....so I bought

a dual rod holder set with (plain) bracket, cause it was cheaper than buying

(2) seperate rod holders.

Started changing things around on the boat.......figured out that the ball cradle bracket dosent allow me to adjust the rod holders the way I want...

remembered I had a plain dual mount rod holder bracket....now I need another one.......figured if anyone had one laying around I'd sure apprciate it.

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I have a plain mount that i think that you are looking for. Ill attach a picture. Anything in the photo you need just send me an email and we'll work out a price. The base plates are already gone but everything else is still here.


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