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crestliner suremount downrigger mounting bracket

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Pic above. Excuse the messy garage. On the port side the gas cap won't allow the mount to go all the way back. It will stop it about 8" shy of the stern. On the starboard side it will go all the way back. The downriggers that I have are manual Canons. With extendible arms.

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I have a 1800 super hawk and utilized the seat mounts in the rear for a pair of cannons. Was also thinking of the crest liner mounts. Darkwater, is that a customer rod holder set up? 



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3 hours ago, superhawk18 said:

cny mike, crestliner mounts are secured through the top of the gunnel with through bolts? 

no, if you look at their webpage they have a unique mounting track that runs inside the gunnels all the way around. The name they gave it is Suremount. It is like a single dovetail, and the accessory bracket has the mate to the dovetail that is secured via an allen screw. When it is tightened, it is extremely secure. I have stood on the downrigger bracket prior to mounting the base to it and it was rock solid. The have fender mounts, cup holders, etc...that also mount on the suremount system as well as blank accessory mounts. I took some blanks and mounted extra rod holders to them. The two things that I really like are the mounts can be placed anywhere along the gunnel - stem to stern, and their ease of on/off/move.

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