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Dunkirk, NY Fishing

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10 hours ago, mxwarren said:

Lakers are off of Northeast all year. Just need to watch the previous days wind head to the colder water. Here are some of the nicer ones we caught this year. Deathtraps outproduced cowbells 11-1 last trip!






Awesome photos!  Glad to see the Death Traps are producing well for you!  They are catching on quickly and keeping me busy building!  

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Gambler, I got the UV extreme in both sizes. The smaller size I ran behind my chinook diver and limited on walleye, although I had quite a few hits on the blades. My buddy ordered the same on Monday. What other colors do you recommend? I love how there is way less drag than a cowbell. i think you could even go a size larger.

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Here are the most popular sellers:

Yellow Dew UV

Crushed Ice


Lemon Lime UV



I have had a couple guys using the regular Death Traps in front of my walleye harnesses on Erie with great success.  I have had a lot of reports of kings hitting the death traps too!  Hooks on the blades would be a complete mess!  

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