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Fairhaven Launch


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I called the fair haven state park yesterday the lady said the launch is closed and will be all week. I also asked if the village launch was open she advised me it was closed. Attached is a link and a picture of the fair haven state launch. I did confirm wrights landing in Oswego is open.






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Hello All,

I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone out there can help a desperate fisherman. I have a cottage rented at Fair Haven State Park for the week of June 2, 2017. I have been planning this trip for 9 months now and I just learned of the flood conditions in the area. I am coming  from New Jersey with my boat, but if there is nowhere to launch or dock my boat, I may have to cancel the trip altogether. I know the ramp at the park is closed, as is the one at Fair Point marina and Bayside marina.

I need to make a decision quickly or I will lose the money I paid for the cottage at the park.

Does anyone know of an open launch ramp in the area and/or a dock where I can keep my boat for that week? It is a 600 mile roundtrip for me and I would hate to show up with my boat and not be able to launch.

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