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Semi synthetic vs 2 cycle oil

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The service time for 2 cycle is very short. It blows through the engine quickly. The semi synthetic oils came into necessity when automobile engine operating temperatures were raised to over 200 degrees F for gas mileage increases. Standard natural oil breaks down at operating temperatures of over 180 degrees F and synthetics were required for oil service life and quicker engine lubrication at cold temperatures. Choose your oil choice on an economic situation .

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You will be fine with semi. I use it in an oil injection 225 yamaha. Haven't noticed any more oil use or any fouling on plugs, but I use Lucas fuel condition in the gas too.
Unless you are confident in adjustments to the oil injection pump link, I would have a qualified tech check it. It has to be synchronize with the throttle position.

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I use Amsoil ever since I went to Canada with a guy that was the first Amsoil dealer in the area. Richard had old Mercs. 25hp I had a GameFisher/ Sears version of a Force 15hp the old Mercs were 40:1 and mine was 50:1 we ran all those motors hard because we camped on a river system that required all my little 15hp could do to get up these fast water areas. The deal was Amsoil promised in writing that if any of our motors failed due to the oil they would replace the motor with a brand new one of the same model or better. Needless to say they all survived!! Oh I forgot to mention we mixed them all at 100:1 and I still run my kicker 100:1 my kicker is a 84 Evinrude same plugs from year to year. The motors that are oil injection get way better oil to gas consumption than any hand mix. I learned that with my snowmobile!! Like mentioned above oil is a hell of a lot cheaper than pistons and rings, maybe a scored cylinder!!

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