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I hit up a state land spot that I've hunted in the past first thing in the morning. had a gobbler hammer a couple times off the roost, he hit the ground and wouldn't shut up . he would answer me but he had hens that took him the other way. so I get up to circle him and I bump 2 Jakes that took off towards the gobbler. he didn't care he kept gobbling. I then got in line with him and his girls. i moved in slow as he hammered . I got with in 80 yards of him and sat down just listened to him hoping he would come my way but he just sat there . I gave a soft call ,he answered. but still not interested. now the hens are calling back but walking away, so I cut hard he hammers. i sit there for a min waiting to see something notta. now I scratch the leaves on the ground like I'm feeding he absolutely loves it he starts hammering like crazy and I hear the ruffle of his feathers now I know he's coming in to see. I'm calling him up a hill and I've never called a turkey uphill before. I see some movement to my left and it's a big white light bulb he's looking around and starting to turn around and I let him have it. We call that checkmate 10in beard 1 1/4 Spurs . 20170514_064353.jpg


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Well done!! Good job on the change up, love the leaf scratching and sometimes I spit n drum at those state land birds.. deadly. Lots of times the aggressive yelps will drive the hens in the other direction, but if the head girl gets mad she may just run you over!

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