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Fishing out of stony creek this weekend. Not a bad day

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Wasn't a bad day of fishing today! We launched fairly early outvStony creek public launch. The water is still high but still doable with high boots. Took us a while figuring things out but once we got things figured out we landed our first walleye of the day around 8am. Then finally the second not until after noon. After landing that one we managed to get all the lines tangled up and took half hour getting everything untangled and didn't loose any lures. After getting all the lines back out we landed a3rd walleye but smaller. But this time it was later inthe afternoon and the bite seemed to have stopped do of to the finger we went to try for Lakers. We ended the day with 3 Lakers and put 2 of them back because they were small and let them grow bigger.
All in all a good day!!
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Sweet deal there bobby416n, looks like it might have been a two man ticket. Very respectable fish at that also. Congrats!! To the both of ya!!

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