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After putting in 17 hours on August 2&3 for one major king, we decided that we needed to come up with a better game plan. We decided to throw the boat on the trailer and head West. We made our way down the lake to Olcott. The fishing was much better there and we never made it out to where the other guys where. On Monday morning we left the dock at around 7am and headed out to the "28" line. We never made it that far, instead we set up in 200fow and trolled north. By the time that we made it to the 28 line we had already boated a mixed bag that contained 11 kings and steelheads. There were a bunch of boats at the line so we turned around and trolled back to port. On the way back our batting average dropped considerably and when we tied the boat off to the dock we had finished 19 for 31. Late the first morning we decided to put a Spinny/Fly down deep and that produced all our kings. Our dipsies were the hottest part of our program on day one.

Day 2

We ran a little deeper and set up with more flies in the program. A 10 color core was hot first thing producing steelheads. After about 3 or 4 I pulled the core and switched it to copper with a fly. The 300 copper consistently produced fish but the riggers were hot also. Magnum watermelon spoons, black/silver spoons, and silver prism w/ powder blue were hot colors today. We finished with a better average today, 15 for 17 but with fewer fish.

Day 3

Wednesday was our last day before we would return to Fair Haven. We only fish about 3 hours todays but still finished 3 for 5 with two kings and a steelhead. Flies were the hot ticket today all on the riggers.

Overall the trip was a success with no problems. Our best setups were mupp rigged spoons, flies down in the ice water, and flies on the copper. We did better overall with the flies after I took off the chips and spinnies and switched over to metal dodgers. Also we ran our dipsys anywhere from 180-240 on a #2 setting. Listening to the other boats it sounded like they were running there dipsys 90-125 out but we couldnt get ours to fire that high. We only hooked one major during the trip and he hit the 300 copper. After a long battle we ended up dumpin him behind the boat. Magnum spoons produced nicer fish in the long run. Hot coloers were anythign with silver, black, blue, chartreuse, and green.

Havin camera problems so heres a few pics that I could upload.




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