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Orleans County Open - Meetings, Announcements, and Payout Strcture

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Orleans County Open - Meetings, Announcements, and Payout Strcture

Bracket Meeting - Thursday 7pm @ the Cafe


Captains Meeting - Friday after we weigh in for Big FIsh Friday (Condor Event). Must be in line for weigh in @ 3pm at the Black North Inn. Observers aren't required to be at the Captains meeting on Friday. Why? Our event is run different than others. We've taken out the rules that observers at other events are watching for. In our event, the Orleans County Open, they have 2 easy rules to watch for.

> 1st rule is NO COMMUNICATION! After we blast off in the morning there is no communication whatsoever until the boats are back in the pier heads of their port..
> 2nd rule is teams are only allowed to keep 8 rods in the water at any given time.
Discuss this with your observer for the weekend, and everything should run smoothly.




Tentative Payout Structure w/ 30 teams paid as of today:

1st - $5000
2nd - $3000
3rd - $2000
4th - $1800 + FishUSA Copper Rod
5th - $1500 + FishUSA Copper Rod + A-TOM-MIK Gift Pack
6th - $1300 + FishUSA Copper Rod + $100 DW Gift Cert
7th - $1200 + FishUSA Copper Rod + $100 DW Gift Cert


Big Trout - Hammerhead Cowbells/Gambler Rig Prize Pack
Big Salmon - Familiar Bite 12pks of meat
Top Amateur - (2) FishUSA Copper Rod


We also have Michigan Stinger Pro Team, Gambler Rigs, Team Dreamweaver, and A-Tom-Mik Mfg. that provided product for each captains bag.

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