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Targeting Atlantic's


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They are usually an "incidental" catch on Lake O but they also usually have some size to them when you do get them trolling for salmon and steelies. Although they are most closely related to browns their habits on the Finger Lakes at least are more like rainbow trout in both places Lake O and the Fingers in fact. They roam around alot... part of their nature and it is probably why most are caught trolling rather than say stillfishing. Although they are most often caught in the first 100 ft from the surface sometimes they can be found in "Lakerland". Most of the time having your lines set way back and out to the side (e.g. outriggers or boards) is most productive as in out of the turbulance and motor noise varying your trolling speed and making turns. They seem to be fond of orange, green, chartreuse, purple and black and silver spoons in Seneca and Cayuga but they also like stickbaits trolled back a ways (e.g. on leadcore or 200-300 coppers especially off boards). They can be vulnerable as well to sliders on riggers with lightweight flutter spoons.Light fluoro leaders can help on the Fingers as with browns but is more risky on Lake O when the kings are active.:lol:This might help get you started :)

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X2 on Champlain. The cormorants and lampreys definitely take their toll on the population but overall stocks are better than they have been in the last 20 years and recently there's been a lot more 10lb plus fish caught. As long as Vermont stops playing games with the Lamprey control on their side of the lake things should continue to improve. It's a shame they don't let us fisherman out there with some shotguns for Cormorant control. I get at least one or two every trip

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