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Owasco Trip

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Had tourney there yesterday was great fishing Lakers were scattered depths from surface to bottom and over different foot of water. Our best game was right in center of lake at south end but we got fish on everything from 5 colors of leaders to deep dipsys divers or 500 copper. Was great fishing 

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Orange n gold spoons were hot for us, one of our bows came on a small pink warrior lure. Five to ten color cores on inline boards were deadly! Tons of Lakers and we even caught a couple of jumbo perch n a five pound walleye.

Riggers down 40 and 65 were hot too. North end was good for us. Lost a couple of big fish in tight on a bright chartreuse stick bait. Shoulda gotten back to the South end earlier the big Lakers were definitely there.

Nicely done Bob three big Lakers you weighed!! IMG_20170604_161014265_BURST007.thumb.jpg.efdbbfe22bd83cb315adb5683d5506c4.jpg

120 quart cooler


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Nice pics. Nautitroller!!! Yep that red sky in the morn, usually stands up to the saying!! That's a damn nice box of eaters also!! Congrats to your day :yes::yes:. PAP

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Pre fished Owasco today to get ready for next weekends derby. Got out around 7 30am fished till 2ish.Worked the s end and middle of the lake. Caught our fair share of lakers biggest around 7lbs. All fish came before 10am. When the sun was high in the sky ,no bites.

  Anything gold color seemed to be the magic .

Few boats out had the lake to myself.

All fish returned to fight another day.

Did not see a single lamprey scar...

Cottonwood fiber in the water. Harder to clean than fleas.....

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Started in the south end around 7:30 and started off with gold and orange spoons and got nothing. Switched out mid lake to GL 44 spoon   and a FLT Pink Alewife and ended the day 23 for 25. Five color leadcore on planer boards and torpedo divers down 60. These two will go on the smoker tomorrow, the biggest being 9lbs according to my scale.

Photo Jun 10, 10 11 12 AM.jpg

Photo Jun 10, 11 08 19 AM.jpg

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