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Chaumont/Guffin/Henderson questions

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Hopefully this is the appropriate place for this...

Is there a report for the subject areas? I'm heading up to Chaumont in two weeks and would like some pre-trip info. I'm going after LM, SM, and walleye. The Chaumont shoals look great. I'm curious whether I will be able to find some walleye action. I'm thinking they may be quite deep now. Perhaps along the south edge of Point Peninsula, or around Cherry Island?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

(Staying in Guffin Bay Resort).


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You need to go alot deeper than that for the big eyes (8-12lbers) head out to the galloos or charity, run reef runners and DD husky jerks. Natural colors with orange bellys. target fish in 30-60fow off of these areas. If you are willing to get a canadian license and make the run. go out to pigeon island and employ the same tactics, some good catches of trophy fishing lately out there.

There's a spot on LOU for questions about walleye and bass. you might be able to get some good advice there.


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