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Keeping Batteries charged

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Just an FYI, if you have your rigs sitting somewhere you can't get a charge to the batteries, I've gone to a solar panel to remedy that problem, got a 35 watt panel, monitor, fused to 2 batteries, it will charge 1st battery to 90 percent, then move to the second battery, I was away for 2 weeks, checked them yesterday, good charge on both. Since a lot of boats are still on trailers waiting for the water to drop as I am, it's a nice alternative to pulling them out. I set the panel laying across a back seat.
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If you could Roughrider a little more detail please.


I assume your batteries are in series. So if the first is charged to 90% then the charge automatically flows to the second. Have I got it ?  You don't need four battery leads from the solar panel.

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Parallel, 12 volt system, 6 wire controller, 2 wires from the solar panel to the controller ,one positive and one negative from controller to each battery. System will charge battery one first then move to battery 2, led lights show charge level for each battery and if panel is in charging state. I use a connector to remove the panel and have a 5 amp fuse on each hot positive leg to the batteries.

 The controller is made by Eco Worthy. 14 gauge wire was used.


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