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for sale : usa 1980 Trojan F25 - $3700 obo


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1980 Trojan F25 - $3700 obo

1980 Trojan F25 located at point breeze ny.  Turn key , new batteries, chartplotter, batter 2 bank charger, solid boat for its age must see!! 3700.00 obo.  text 585-331-nine7one4 with any questions NO TRAILER.  


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I looked at this boat two years ago.  The previous owner was a fanatic and owned the boat since new or almost since new.  The only reason he sold it was to buy a bigger Tiara.  This gentleman bought it from him and also did some upgrades.  For someone looking for a nice boat to be docked somewhere this is the one.  You can't can't much simpler than a straight inboard.  It was just not a fit for me, as I wanted something trailerable.    

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Was sold to and moved by this latest purchaser.  Has not been a hot item as it has sat on land for most of the past couple years.

You can ask whatever you want for something, doesn't mean that is where the market has valued it.

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WOW, if I weren’t so F’d up physically and (mentally:lol:) I’d buy this boat in a heartbeat!! Hell I have twice that in a 22fter only 2 years newer!! Nice boat, I really feel bad for the owner, just an over sight on depth for docking. Maybe this is one of these messed up years for depth?? Maybe a extension on the dock might be a saving grace?? Either way it’s a thought?? Also the size might be a pricing factor, I’ve taken notice that up to 24-28fters are still in the get your price range, then there’s a lull in the prices until you get into the yacht club folks where money isn’t a factor. Good luck either way you decide to go.

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