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Otisco report


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Otisco report

With the spring shore bite all but over I thought I'd post some pictures and give a report.  Honestly I've never seen so many shore anglers and so few boats.  I've had the lake nearly to myself the entire season.  Fish have been very cooperative trolling and casting all season and even the tougher trips are getting a fish or two.   The last week was an unreal trolling bite for us in several areas of the lake limiting daily fishing a midmorning and late afternoon bite.     













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I went out about 6 am on a combo troll.  We caught a few smb ,a few browns, and lost 1 eye.  I've gotten a few tigers in recent trips working outside weedlines where the water drops off quick leaving weedlines you can easily follow.  Long casts, downsize and fish slow if you have to....

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Lake is finally stable but fishing hasn't been easy since before the 4th.  Hopefully a summer troll bite develops soon.  As of Sunday a lot of fish were on shore just outside the weeds on the drops.  If they haven't moved off shore for this weekend I'm gonna be jigging.  Fish are tough to troll where they have been.  Marked a bunch of tigers deep as well but couldn't budge them.

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Hit the lake with my first mate yesterday (son).  Got 7 LM bass (all between 1-3lbs, no pigs), one smallie, and one eye early morning (19").  Got the eye on reef runner just outside deep weed cover in drop off (10 -12 fow).  Bass were in weed cover hiding in holes. Slow day, had to work hard. Beautiful day, low wind. Lake level is good. Weeds all over. Clear water. 

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