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Olcott, 6-16-17 evening,

Got out there at about 5:00 all set up in about 150' just west of Olcott.  First thing I noticed was all the fish and bait I was seeing were in the top 40' of water.  Ran an 11" paddle with meat a spinny/fly with diver, and a spoon out there on a 10 color.  Caught 2 16 pound Kings on the 2 face spinny and Stud fly, and one 12 pound king on the meat rig.  spinnies were back 90', and meat rig was down 40'.  Also missed a good rip on a spinny 90'  back.  3 for 4, so not too bad.  Fished from 250' to 90' of depth.  saw fish spread out everywhere, but moving shallower toward evening.  Thanks

6-16-17 Lake O kings.jpg

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