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Walleye at Conesus?

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Note: Original post was walleye in Seneca, but I actually meant Conesus. I got them mixed up...

Well I just moved here from California and took a drive to see Conesus Lake. Boy is it beautiful! I can't wait to get on my kayak out there. :D

I am looking forward to fishing for bass and pike, but would also like to catch my first walleye. :D

Are there any walleye in seneca? Would I be wasting my time fishin for them there? :?

If there are any walleye there I will be searching for some deep structure with my sonar and working it. Is this a good approach? Any other tips?

Where are some good walleye spots to fish close to Rochester? I here the Gennessee river is good, but I think fishing on a river with a kayak could get tiring. :?

I just ordered some worm spinners and pike lures to add to my bass-lure-filled tackle-box. I need to go to a tackle shop and get my license and some crankbaits. :D

It will probably be a week before my car arrives from CA. I am getting very antsy... :(

Are there any kayak fisherman out there?

Take it easy!


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there has to be walleye in seneca but you are very close to many great walleye fisheries. first of all walleye are great because they taste soooo good so DON'T eat em out of the genny river! first of all there is oneida lake which walleye capital of ny. tons and tons of great walleye. its right above Syracuse. not sure what part of seneca you are on but if you are close to rt 90 at the geneva exit you could be there in 1hr. secondly i would hit up honeoye lake. Pretty small lake but it continues to be great fishery for not only walleye but some of the best pan fishing around. it would be perfect for your kayak. Also there is conesus lake which has some real good eyes but the lake has a ton of pike, bass and even some tiger musky in there. you have found a great sight do some research on the finger lakes discussion and the bass walleye section and you will find a ton of great guys with a lot of great info. Also use myfishfinder.com too. You have to make 5 posts over there to read fishing reports but when you do it opens it to state specific reports on the individual lakes. good luck and welcome to ny. Lots of great fishing round here! Oh yeah how could i forget??? there is erie. Huge lake but so many freaking walleye.

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Not many kayak anglers around, at least by saltwater standards, ie. set up with sonar, anchor, etc...

Most of the guys I've seen out of kayaks fish Canadice and Hemlock lake, the Rochester water reservoirs. These lakes have no shoreline development and are just beautiful to fish, with some good trout, landlock and bass.

Lots of small places to poke around in a yak that don't get pounded as much, too. I've fished Mendon Ponds out of the kayak in the fall with good success on bass and pike.

The previous post suggested Honeoye for walleye, and that's probably your best bet. Both Oneida and Erie can see the best fishing well off shore this time of year. Spring is a different matter...

Post some results and I bet you'll get lots of responses. It'd be nice to see a kayak fishing community grow up around here.


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There are lots of eyes in both Conesus and Honeoye. They are two totally different fish though. Conesus's eyes are bigger, but don't fare as well on the table, Honeoye may have more eyes, they run smaller, and taste great.

The big difference is probably due to the fact that Conesus eyes eat a lot of Alewives.

Both lakes are worth the time to fish for eyes.

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