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Hummbird 597 ci

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Even tho I have the chip now I still pay for it on my phone. It gives me something to do at work and it's easier for me to search for spots than on the helix.

My buddy uses it on his iPad and that's really nice, its on a ram mount.

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There's an idea I may do that too...work does get boring....the iPad idea is cool too I have a extra ram mount too

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I have the same fishfinder on my boat and last year I switched over to the app mapping program on an iPad. I am doing this until I get the money to upgrade to a 7 or 9 inch screen. And it will more than likely be a Garmin unit that is already loaded with the maps. Before I upgrade to the new fish finder, I am saving my money to buy a temperature probe like a fishhawk X4D first. What I have learned over the last four years is you can go without a fish finder but if you know the temperature breakdown below your boat and put your lures in the correct temperature you will catch a lot more fish even if you can't see them on your fishfinder. Just something to think about.

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20170419_075839.jpg these are the 2 chips I use , started out with the navionics in my 597 ci di hd but have upgraded units since. the navionics Chip has great contour lines on all the finger lakes but I have heard that version 2 is a little better on some lakes. I use the lake master Chip In conjunction with my I pilot for auto pilot purpose but was not pleased with the contour on some lakes but works great for GPS and trolling from point to A to point B.

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