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2017 Sandy Creek Shootout update

The Sandy Creek Shootout committee has been faced with a bunch of challenges with this year’s tournament and as you all know the high water has created most of the issues. Bridge clearance, docks/ break walls under water, a closed state launch, closed yacht club and the closing of Sandy Creek Marina (for sale) are all affecting the port Of Sandy Creek’s ability to properly host this year’s event. A lot of ideas have been mentioned and at this point I think every possible idea has been exhausted.  

Last night the Sandy Creek Shootout committee decided to open its 2017 tournament to all ports on the south shore. What does this mean? For this year only, you can register for the tournament and fish from any port you would like. All of the existing rules are still in effect and the format will remain the same. There will be an amended 2017 version of the tournament rules which will also include some new rules to insure the integrity of the tournament.

I would think by allowing every port to fish the event that the 2017 SCS might be the biggest event we have ever had. Now there is no excuse not to fish this event!

The tournament date is Saturday July 29, 2017. Registration for the tournament, BFF, and calcutta will begin early in July. So keep an eye out for it on Facebook and Lake Ontario United!

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