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Looking Like A Rough Weekend On Lake O?

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5 hours ago, GAMBLER said:

Of coarse it is. I'm going into my 5 day long break for work. 


Sounds like we have the same luck. That's the nice thing about being retired, I have the time, but not the money. When I was working I had the money but no time.

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4 hours ago, fisherdude said:

i am disappointed too ,been trying for two weeks to go to Olcott . with high west winds looks like Cayuga lake . 



Huh?  Looking at NOAA ( I know.....NOAA probably stands for Never Overly Accurate Anytime) it would appear Olcott will be quite fishable.  Looking at the water..........there should be Kings in play with the North shore rolling over.  If I didn't have my kid's high school graduation this weekend, I would be out!

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Leave it to NOAA, they changed their forecast already. This morning they were calling for 3-5 on Saturday with occasional 6ft. Then 3-5 on Sunday.


Don't worry, it'll change again several times before Saturday morning.

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