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Otisco 6/24

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15 hours ago, black cloud said:

Boated two tigers early this morning one 31 and the other mid 20's. Got both of them while it was heavy over cast. Once the blue skies came. That was it. This one was my brothers biggest one he has caught so far.

Is this photoshoped? I see an extra foot, another shoulder and arm and what looks like part of someone's head hiding back there.

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Nice job!!!  Hasn't been a banner year by any stretch.  I put 12 hours in last night and this morning working offshore looking for a big one and I didn't get a single tiger bite.  Marked a few that were on bait but I couldn't get them to go...the browns on the other hand hit everything including muskie sized stuff at close to 4 mph.

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I fished from 630 to 1130 am yesterday.  We were after an off shore big fish and it never shut down for me as I couldn't get started!  I have Maddox tomorrow and Wednesday and he is one lucky kid....just what I need to get something going with these tigers!  



I was running a big square bill to try to raise one and that lure and board pulled easier with a little trout on than it did as clean lure!  


Just to give everyone a laugh...my neighbor's daughter flew in from Colorado to fish a half a day with him on fathers day...she caught a great 42...

Now the best part...8lb test and a night walker on a panfish combo!!!

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