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opinions needed for speed and temp at lure


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From what I've learned in my years out in the lake is that "usually the undercurrent runs west to east." We had 30-40 degree water at the peirheads on labor day weekend last year because of an upwelling. All of the salmon were either in the creek, on the bottom, or still not staging. Weather plays a big factor in how fishing goes every day. All we can do is stay up to date on what the weather people say is going to happen and play off of that.

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I use the Fish Hawk, which I'm satisfied with it. I know that some have said about the amount of batteries it uses. Apparently, I got a good one, for using a duracell, I only go thru a couple a year, and I put alot of time on the water. However, having said that, If I was going to replace my speed and temp, I'd look pretty hard at the Depth Raider. Have read some very good reports on this unit. -On a side note, If one could look into the archives, I said in a post in the middle of July last year that there would be salmon in Oak Orchard by Labor day weekend, which there was. As Mick stated, each year is different with mother nature dictating when these fish will run. We noticed kings last year with empty stomachs in July and starting to turn.

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I have the Cannon unit and it works great. It had its problems in the beginning. Cannon ended up replacing the unit and it has worked flawlessly since. I like the display and the tru depth and light intesity info that it also gives. I came up with a different way of connecting the probe to the cable which is alot better now.

Seems like most or all who have the Subtroll and Depth Raider units have given them positive feedback. Cannon and FishHawk units seem to get mixed feedback. Another thing to consider is the cost to replace the probe. I know the Cannon is around $400. I think Raider and subtroll around $200.

Just my $.02


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