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Tournament Trail

 First off I appreciate all the effort by the organizers of these events and most go unsung and maybe this has been brought up before and went no where. Having said that it would be nice if they could all get together and run them week after week in one direction ,then anyone that has two / 3 events, schedule them on the return trip. I would guess that a lot of the bigger non-trailerable boats do not want to make a run [ just a example ] from say Olcott/Oak Orchard to Sodus Bay then back to Rochester then to Oswego. Some may be more inclined to enter if it went from port to port West to East, migrating like the Kings. Fuel, lodging, transport  vehicles, crew Lake O kicking up for a few days , would be a lot more manageable if it was about 20-30 miles between events instead of all over the place. If your port has a few tournaments line up the biggest one to coincide with the "Trail" so you would have maximum exposure and entries/payout. I know there are a few stand alone events like WHI that is real early in the season that wouldn't fit into this ,but once the lake heats up it seems a shame that the Tournaments are not all linked up. Any thoughts on this ? Pro or Con

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