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for sale : usa 82 grady white


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82 Grady White

This boat has a new cover as of last year and currently has a cracked block. If someone handy would like to put the time into it and drop another motor into it make an offer. The motor is a 2002 305 and all the parts on it could be transferred to a new motor. I would like to keep the trailer for my boat and put my ez loader trailer also pictured under this grady. If interested send pm with offer.








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What's the price?? Usually if the blocks cracked so are the exhauste manifolds and the power steering cooler, what was the cause of the cracked block other than not properly winterized, reason asking is my blocked cracked due to poor quality control on the peak RV. antifreeze, which all I got was a "we are sorry for your inconvenience" yup, it reads right on the bottle not for engine use, the for boats means a sink or a head on board, I explained I didn't use as a operating antifreeze, but as a rust inhibitor and a standing still antifreeze!! They didn't care because it reads on the bottle "NOT FOR ENGINE USE" therefore I didn't have a leg to stand on  ;(:headbang:

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The guy that owned  the boat winterized it but obviously not the right way.  He started the motor this spring and realized how much water was flowing out of it and dropped it off to a mechanic who then informed him he cracked the outer water jacket. I thought about dropping a motor in it but really I have a working boat the same size 22' so its really not much of a move.   The boat was on Cayuga all of last year.  Let me say this ... I am not a mechanic so if anyone would like to have a technical conversation about the details of the assumed damage I am not the guy for it just come look if your interested.  Pm any offers and we will talk.  PAP that is insane! 

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If it's just a outer water jacket it can be repaired, but must be pulled out and pressure check done on the other components, that's what cracked on my motor. If it's not a pressurized system the fix is relatively easy once the motor is out.


oh yea, what's the price of the boat?? And is there a soft top with it?? 

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Hello I have a question about the trailer under the. Crest liner does the trailer have a curve to the front ? Are they bent that way or am I just seeing things in the pic ?

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