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Sodus July report

Hey, sorry for the lack of Sodus posts this year. I have been gearing up my new boat and have just started serious trips a few weeks ago. Including in setting up the boat, I got my captains license and have been really busy, so again I apologize for the lack of posts. Ill be up to date when I can from here on out.


Fishing has been outstanding! Over the last 2 weeks the bite has been solid if you are doing a few things. #1...don't go much deeper than 200 fow. There is a ton of bait around 100 to 120 and the fish have been holding around 140 to 200 both east and west of the chute. #2...ignore the temp breaks. The bite has been up high. I have not had any hits below 105 on a rigger. Most hits are 85 to 95 down on riggers and 250 to 275 back on the dipsies, the temp at these depths has been 55 degrees or so. #3...dont get stubborn on lures. Everything has been green...pretty normal...but one day its a spoon bite the next a flasher, the next a meat. Mix it up, find whats working and zone in. I was out last night with the family...all flasher bite...set the lines down at 6pm to fish and then watch the fireworks over the lake. We ended up 6 for 9 by 9 pm. 1 over 20, 2 just under 20, 3 others smaller and 2 missed hits that took my dipsy out from 250 to over 600 feet before shaking off. Hope it helps...feel free to comment or PM me.


Good luck! Ill be out tomorrow night...


Suspicious Lines Charters




sorry...cheap plug...lol

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No, my dumb luck as well.  I literally have not switched lures the last 4 times out......  Green Spoons, on riggers with Green sliders above, set 85-110' down have taken shots.  Wire divers from 225-300' back, on various settings from 1 to 3, all with white or white/green spin doctors and a variety of green flies.  Went 2 for 3, then 10 for 14, then 4 for 6, then 5 for 7.  Kings from 2lbs to 21lbs, steelies from 4-8 lbs, 3 browns upto 7 lbs and few lakers upto 12 lbs.  Literally a smorgasbord all in 115-165fow, east of the chute mostly, on east west trolls.   ALSO, key element has been speed.  Been running more over 3.0mpg, SOG then normal.   Hopefully tomorrow afternoon will be as good!


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Fish are still all over Sodus. I have had charters all week...and through the weeekend. I wont post detailed reports because of the pro-am...but i can tell you they are all over. It will be interesting to see if the pro division goes for 12 kings to win it...doing it both days...might be worth the risk this year. Good luck to all in the tourneys!

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