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for sale: can start a business or everything for a fishing club!

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start a business or everything for a fishing club!

I am getting out of making and selling tackle including Uzick spinners, Spinner baits, Buzz baits and Spoons.

Everything is for sale, all of the components, beads, clevises, split rings, swivels, spinner shafts[500], hooks[1000's] of all kinds.


Moulds for jigs, weights, 8LB. canon ball, needed to make all of your favorite lures at a fraction of the new cost.

also included are tools for applying a whip finish for flies, fly tying hooks[100's] for trout and salmon, all kinds of hair[deer, elk, rabbit, etc. plus dynel [man made hair].


There is also a tackle forming tool that will make your own spinners and other items easily. I also have a skirt maker for Spinner Baits and Buzz Baits.

There is 6 colours of powdered paint that is easy to apply and dries to a bullet proof hardness!


This is an extensive amount of parts and finished tackle for sale. 


There are assorted rod guies and thread to do repairs to fishing rods.


Larry Swan 613-315-2028


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