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Rochester 7/10 evening

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Left I-bay and headed off Bradocks starting fishing around 5pm within 20 min the first king hit the deck 20lber. In 3 hours ended up with 5 kings (15-20lbs) and 1 10lb Steelhead. We dropped 5 other kings and caught 4 skipies.


Hot baites were familiar bite behind golden boy flasher with glow head on the 90' rigger and familiar bite behind spin doctor with glow head 220' dipsey.


The screen was loaded with bait and feeding fish 90'-140' of water just west of bradocks. Probably could have doubled my catch but I was driving and rigging with no autopilot. Doubled up 3 times but only was able to boat one each time. Can't wait to get back out!





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Payday_edited-1.jpgKing of the day_edited-1.jpg


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Nice catch and great post, I'm across the bay from u and drool over your boat often.  I've been hesitant to make the run away from Webster but after reading your post I hope to give it a go this weekend.  I typically spend my time right out front, lots of lakers but light on Kings.  Looking to diversify my catch and hear some screaming drags!!


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