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Sandy Creek Shootout Paid teams list

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Sandy Creek Shootout Paid teams list

Calcutta teams are in Red

1. Legacy

2. Addiction

3. Escape

4. Bear

5. Silver fox

6. Not Good

7. Triple S

8. Squirrelly

9. Locked Up

10. Team Jeager

11. Mr. Breeze

12. Reel Peace

13. Screamin Reels

14. U-Betcha

15. Net Breaker

16. Make The Turn

17. Reel Serious

18. Fin N Tonic

19. Five More Minutes

20. Lakerunner

21. Mean Machine

22.  Double AA

23.  Richmond 4

24.  Wrist Therapy

25.  Pull The Hook

26. The Scales of Justice

27.  Salmonboy

28.  Dirty Goose

29.  Valhalla

30. Chasing Chrome

31. Rigged

32. Get the Net

33. Next Time

34. Double D

35.  Rabid Weasel

36. Live Action

37. Scrapper

38. Deep C

39. The Closers

40. Hook'd Up

41. Runnin' Rebel

42. Bronx Bombers

43. Whaler One

44.Gordy's Dream

45.King Assualt


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Announcement! There has been a lot of inquiry about the tournament vs. the weather over the past couple of days. This is obviously something the tournament committee has been keeping a close eye on. We will not fish under any circumstance fish under a small craft advisory and any “questionable” weather decision beyond that will be made by the committee. It is important for everyone to realize that there are boats of all sizes and participants of all experience levels so the decisions being made are taking everything into consideration. In the event that a “blow off day” does occur then the tournament will be resume on Sunday and teams should be making themselves available as this looks like a possibility.

Although this year’s tournament allows teams to fish from other ports, the weather decision will be dictated by the conditions and the forecast of the tournament’s home port of Sandy Creek. To help with logistics of both the tournament and the participants, a decision will be made the night before on whether to reschedule or not. If there is a change to the current tournament, all teams will be notified by a phone call to their team captain. We will also announce on Facebook and on Lake Ontario United.

For those teams fishing “Big Fish Friday”, a decision will be made the night before on whether or not to reschedule. A phone call will be made to all team captains to notify them if there is a change.

Feel free to call or text any of the members of our tournament committee with any questions.

Rob 585-703-0969

Brian 585-727-9279

Matt 585-355-1509

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Due to eroding weather conditions Saturday’s tournament will be postponed for Sunday July 30Th (currently the current small craft advisory is in place from the Niagara River through Sodus Bay and is in place until Saturday at 6pm). Looking at Sunday’s weather vs Saturday’s weather the choice seems to be easy.

We have received many phone calls regarding the weather and registration. Registration has been extended until Saturday for any of those teams waiting to see about a weather postponement.

NOTE- The rules and timeline remain exactly the same. You are not allowed to leave the dock until 5 am. The weigh in location is Northstar Sportsman’s Club. Weigh in begins at 2:00pm and you must be in line no later than 3:00 pm.

Reminder- Make sure to join us for the SCS tournament party on Friday night @ Nuts Corners (328 Lake Rd East Fork, Hamlin, NY 14464) starting at 6:30pm

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