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Ohio DIY Public land.


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Ohio DIY Public land.

Hey guys I'm planning on doing a public land bow hunt in Ohio this year. I've hunted there during gun season before some on public land some on private as the landowners out there aren't too stingy with giving permission. For a week or long weekend bow hunt however I want to find some deep public land where I can get way back off the road and make it easier on myself to plan things out from home instead of winging it for a chance to waste time not finding a place to hunt. I've looked up some of the public land they have to offer and a lot of it is small tracts or larger tracts that are more well known with high pressure i.e. Salt Forks. I was wondering if anyone on here has any knowledge of solid public land where I can get deep in from the road on the Central-Eastern part of the state. Paul

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