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keuka 7/16

went out with my buddy and his son to see how Keuka lake fishing would be . left from Keuka state park at 5 30. we went 5 for 8 today all lake trout and were release to bite another day. the fish were small ,2 lb to 4 lbs . they all seem to have empty bellies . there is a big difference from Cayuga lake fish to Keuka lake fish . there was more face book time for my buddies son :lol:. we hardly mark bait but did mark small schools of fish all the way to the point . by 10 30 the recreational boats started zooming all around so we called it a morning . the water fleas were just about none . surface temp was 73 . we ran two rig rods with suttons and mi scorpion spoons  one high one low with each rod doing about the same amount of hits . gps speed was 1.7 to 2.4 .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    0716170719.thumb.jpg.a2911cbd8380ac18a09732f940a8c83c.jpg0716170743_0001.thumb.jpg.6fc6ef277440aae3020f3d67e3246d4b.jpg0716170735.thumb.jpg.e90b722301d2ef144dae85efa37b394e.jpg0716170728.thumb.jpg.8e82162938f321e95270cf6b5dc4cff4.jpg

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You summed it up pretty good.  we work the other end of the lake and the fish are the same size, we get a 5 pounder for every 10 dinks.  But we have been seeing more bait that the last two years.  One good sign, the lakers are small.  My main fishing buddy does not feel secure on bigger water.......jk

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