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Cayuga Report

Was out with 2 trips on Sunday.  Fishing was very good.  North end.  Temp break was about 35 foot.  Parked my riggers at 40 foot with sliders and the silvers were chewing good.  Had 3 salmon 5, 7 and 8 lbs. 

A 6lb brown.  2, bows 5 and 10 lbs.  Weeded through a ton of short silvers and the lakers were up there too.  I did have the divers out 275 and did a few lakers there but it was better out 160.  Green dot spinnies with green flies.  Warrior flutter spoons in purple alwife and firetiger with gold cups on the riggers and sliders.  10 color core down the chute with a watermellon spoon  took a lot of fish too.  I was out sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th with similar results.  Fishing the same spread. 

I'm off for a couple weeks but will be out quite a bit in August.  Good luck to all.


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