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Splashdown - Finally!

Well, it’s been quite a while. I’ve never had to wait this long in the year to go fishing before. …high water, lousy weekends, new roof, new stairs, painting, etc, etc, etc… I told myself “I’m going fishing, before the snow flies!”  And glad I did!  

Hit the river solo about 5:30.  Had to put the rear axle in the water to launch but water was 74F & docks about 4” out of water so I guess that wasn’t too bad.  Only saw one log in the water.  Checked out the engine then headed straight out, a little to the left.  Heavy clouds and slight wind from the west allowed for cruising speed.




Stopped at 125 FOW & said “what the heck.”  A couple boats around but not many.  So loaded the riggers there and started trolling out.   Single rigger fired at 90 down over 135.  About 15 minutes into that fight and the second rigger fires at 75 down.  Saw that one jump then the stacker fires.  A 1st for me, fishing solo with a triple.  Netted the 1st one; 2nd one throws the hook back at me and I go after the 3rd.  Anyways, ended up with a 24” stlhd and a 22 ½ Lb King.  Took some work reviving them but they both swam away.  King was FAT!  Both fish clean & no lamprey marks.



There was a pretty good N-S thermal off Russell. Definite change in water clarity.  Not many fleas but a lot of seaweed down a ways.  Worked out to 170 & back to 130 a couple times.  Went 7 for 9.  2 stlhds, rest small kings in the 17-24” range.  (all clean fish) Good day for fishing, Great day for catching!  Purple spooks, short leads, trolling fast did the trick


Pulled the lines a little after 9 & headed in.  Wanted to beat the crowd.  Some festival going on at the beach.  Stopped at DEC Angler Survey boat on the way in.  Maybe 10 trailers in the lot.


Luck to all.


Tom B.


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