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Glad I read threw some these stories... Tell you now... Some one follows me home and tries to break in... They got a world of hurt coming... Lots of it going on in Ithaca right now. Got hidden cameras but its not hard to cover your face. I need one of those signs that says " due to the cost ammo there won't be any warning shots "

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1 hour ago, Landshark said:

Wanna hear the cherry on top? Insurance says they won't cover it. So these guys trespassed, ravaged around my boat,. Found a hidden pair of keys that they used to get into the cuddy therefore not actually breaking the lock, the insurance company says there was no forcible entry. What is wrong with this world?

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What insurance company do you use, if you don't mind me asking? That's another reason to hate insurance companies.


Let's face it... you paid those guys to break into your boat, steal all your stuff, sell it for WAY under it's fair market value, so you could "make a little money" to buy new stuff. Yes, I'm being sarcastic, but it seems to be what these insurance companies think. What a bunch of morons!

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