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Hey everyone


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Hey everyone

Hey all. Been lurking on here for awhile. Learning all I can.


I grew up fishing constantly with my father, he passed when I was 12 but the passion stuck with me. I have always had boats and fished in the smaller lakes and rivers, and have had the opportunity to get my son (8) hooked as well. 


It was not until last summer that I had experienced Lake Ontario . My neighbor always looking for a partner wanted me to go with him. I finally found the time and we went .  I was instantly hooked. The magnitude of the lake is incredible.... I went with him a handful of times last year , and this year decided i needed to add another boat to my fleet to conquer it on my own and with friends and family. I searched and ended up meeting up with a very nice man and buying his 21' pen yan fisherman.  After some routine maintenance, making it "mine" and suiting it up more for trolling , I set out with my wife and kids.


I launch out of Henderson harbor.. the first time, was a pure novice nightmare. It was a learning experience to say the least . I learned quickly I needed better rod storage, better kicker steering . ... round two.. this time with a overhead rod rack and a redesigned steering link . Much better... but no fish .   I've been out only three times on my boat (on Ontario) and have yet to catch anything. But i am staying positive and getting more familiar with my gear. And honestly just enjoy being out there. 


I don't really have any top of the line equipment. I want to get proficient at this before I think about upgrading. 


Either way ,, that's my long winded first post ... thanks guys for all the good reads on here.. hopefully you all can help me land some fish this year !


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