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Rivermouth Fall Kings

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New to the board but have a great time fishing for Browns each Spring out of Bear Creek and Sodus.

Appreciate some input as to when the salmon will begin to enter the rivers this fall as I'd like to fish the mouth of the lake by boat rather than wade the Salmon and Oswego. I have a 16.5 foot Alumacraft and want to target fresh fish with by casting plugs and spoons.

Thinking about coming up in a week or two during late August but was wondering if this might be too early?


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As you know the kings are the first to hit the streams,in the last 35 years of salmon river fishing not many(years) have had the high flow rate as the salmon river does this year .It would not surprise me to see the kings entering the river (smaller numbers) any day now .ive been there many times under these conditions the 3rd week of august with no one but me and my nefew on the whole river and all the big holes were loaded with kings. also the smallmoulth bass are nuts this time of year too so a nice ultra light and some worms can make for some fun times too.so plan ahead for some backup fun.

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Thanks for the replies. Looks like the time to try for them in the river mouths before the crowds build will be during the next couple of weeks. The freshwater bite's been a little slow here in Jersey and it'll be a little while before the albies show and the fall striper run begins.

Look forward to heading up to Lake O!

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